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Robin Hood. The story of the Prince of Thieves has been told so many times that it can seem trite and overdone. Enter Russell Crowe, perhaps the greatest Robin Hood to ever don the tights and steal from the rich (all on behalf of the poor, of course). Again, viewers might recall Kevin Costner getting the job done in the forest, but there is little that this HD spectacular has in common with that film from nearly twenty years ago.

Avatar obviously makes the cut for any true James Cameron film. I had the privilege of going to the filming of Inside The Actor's Studio with James Cameron, and it was amazing to hear everything he had to say about this movie. Sounds like the second installment will focus more on the underwater life of Pandora.

I decided that I had better try to learn more about what I was getting into, so I went to Barnes & Noble. A book entitled "$30 Film School" by some guy named Michael W. Dean caught my eye. It cost 30 bucks. Another book by another guy named Jason J. Tomarac looked interesting too. It was called "The Power Filmmaking Kit". This one cost $39.99. I bought them both. So far, I had spent $700 on airfare and $70 bucks on knowledge. I guess I was fully committed now.

We used a female lubricant called "Astro-Glide" as artificial tears when we filmed the spoof on the Blair witch project. The actress said it tasted gross but it looked so realistic on film!

So what the hell is Push at it's heart? It's a one hour and 52-minute tease wrapped in an action film. The film actually has some fun in getting to where it's going. Unfortunately, where it goes is virtually nowhere. The movie doesn't end. Sometimes, when you walk out of a movie you say to yourself "man, they obviously set that up for a sequel." In the case of Push, you can't really say that because the movie doesn't end. It literally stops before the story is finished. It's not just set up for a sequel, it would require one to finish the story. The damned thing stops talking in mid-sentence. In my professional opinion, that's a cheap assed thing to do someone that paid full price admission for a ticket. The Empire Strikes Back had more story resolution than Push.

Division has apparently been around since sometime after World War 2, but the destruction of the one and only seemingly viable version of this serum is apparently the one thing that will "bring Division down." Not sure the logic here because Division has been doing just fine without a viable version of this serum for years. Also, the focus of all this seems to be recovering the one syringe filled with this serum. It's a little strange that the guys that developed the serum would have no record of the formula used for it or any idea how to recreate it.

'Speed' (1994). Set in Los Angeles, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are Annie and Jack, and they share the spotlight in this action-thriller. She is just a passenger thrown into the role of a hero as a bomb is planted on the bus she happens to be on. If the speed of the vehicle drops below a certain limit, an extortionist threatens that it will explode. Jack, as the police officer sent in to help, coaches Annie as the two find a way to get out of the situation that brings them together. Even if you already know the ending, it is still fun to re-live the thrill on satellite TV after a long day of work.

Released in 2008, the Dark Knight is the final film of the late Heath Ledger, who gave an award-winning performance that is still talked about today. It is the sequel to Batman Begins, and continues the storyline perfectly. A must for any action fan's collection!